About Us

Our History

Mainline World Furniture Inc., dba. Mainline Inc., has been a US wholesale furniture supplier for over 20 years, and going strong. Our main office and high-volume distribution warehouse is located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the years, we have grown from a small local distributor to become a major furniture supplier for the Northeastern region of the United States. As the industry landscape is evolving, we are constantly changing and striving to strongly excel in the new environment. Currently, our business ranges from warehouse distribution, container drop-ship programs, hospitality contracts, and e-commerce transactions.

Conceptual Origin

Over 20 years ago, the US furniture market was mainly dominated by a handful of big brand manufacturers. Customer needs were handled with "one size fits all" approach for the whole United States. Choices were limited and designs were strictly dictated by the available resources. Prices and values were out of whack. 4 to 12 weeks deliveries were not uncommon in those days.

We saw the unfulfilled needs, and we simply wanted to make things better, and better. This commitment to make things better has been the drive and model of our business ever since. We feel the needs to bring synergy in designs and values. 

Good quality designs at exceptional values, in its definition of creativity to meet the needs, quality production, and service to support, shall come in unison.

Why Mainline as a Partner

We are a close-knit organization designed to be nimble to excellently carry out our missions. Our compact teams of seasoned staffs are prepared to deal with any issues and to adapt to any changes that the business may require. At the same time, our experienced design team, our business size, and our knowledge of global sources will ensure that our products are full of creativity, quality and value. For us, there is no merit in good quality products at high prices. We bring you good quality products at exceptional values. That's our commitment.

It would be our honor to help you fulfill your needs.